How do I refer someone to the site?
Click on referrals on the right-hand sidebar from any of the game pages. Your referral link will be provided there. If someone visits the site using that link and then registers, you will get credit for it.
What do I get for referring someone?
A validated referral is worth 50 credits.
Are there any limits?
Only the first player at any given IP address can count as a referral. Also, while you can refer any number of people, you only get credits for up to 20 people per season (1000 credits).
How is a referral validated?
Several conditions have to be met before a referral is validated.

  • The account must not be a duplicate of an existing account. This is done through checking IP addresses as well as several other methods.
  • Referral credits are not paid out until a user has been a member for at LEAST 72 hours.
  • The account must show some activity, rather than just a registration who never returns to the site.

If no activity occurs on the account for 30 days after registration, the referral will be rejected.
Is there a limit on referrals?
While you can refer as many people as you like (and we may run competitions for most referrals), you can earn a maximum of 1000 credits per season for doing referrals.