How often can I change positions?
You can change positions as often as you like, provided you meet the criteria defined below.
What do I need to know before I make this committment?

  • There is a cash fee based on your player's level.
  • Your player will be fully drained of energy.
  • Your player will lose an amount Defensive Aptitude based on the current and new positions as well as the number of recent games played in the new position.
  • Any Specific Skills that differ between the current and new position will be stored in case you return to your original position, however you will not be able to apply those points to your new position.
    • For example, if you have a Shortstop with 10 points in each of Clutch Hitting and Double Play and switch to 1st Base, it will still have the 10 points in Clutch Hitting, the 10 points in Double Play will be stored, and you will not have any points to spend on the 1st Base skills until you gain them by levelling.
  • Your player cannot change positions if injured
  • Your player cannot change positions with less than 50% energy.
  • Pitchers cannot change positions.

What happens if I switch back to my original position, or to another position?
Your player will again lose Defensive Aptitude and be responsible for the other costs as (s)he was the first time. Any relevant Specific Skills your player had will become active again.