How does training work?
In order to train, you must hire a trainer. Trainers will have positive and negative effects, generally two positive and one negative.

There are two levels of trainers available.

  1. Level 1 trainers increase a skill by 10/skill. A skill at 5 will increase 2.0 per day, a skill at 10 will increase 1.0 per day, a skill at 50 will increase 0.2 per day, etc. Negative training always reduces the affected skill by 0.07.
  2. Level 2 trainers increase a skill by 18.624*log(skill*0.22)/skill. Negative training always reduces the affected sill by 0.28. They also reduce your energy by 1% per day.

How much does training cost?
To calculate the cost of a training, take the two positive effect skills, add them together, and square that result. Level two trainers also have a $30k/day premium.

When does training occur?
Training occurs during maintenance, after salaries are paid. So don't worry if you don't have the cash on hand, just make sure your cash plus your salary will cover the training or it will be canceled.

I had a trainer active, but now it says I'm not training. Why?
One of three things have happened. First, you didn't have enough money to pay a trainer so he quit. Second, the trainer had a negative effect which would have put you below 5.00. Third, both of the trainer's positive effects were in skills you are already at 100.00 without equipment.