When can I retire a player?
You can retire a player any time the player is a free agent or on an npc team. You cannot retire while on a player managed team - ask for a release.
Do I get any credits back?
Currently you get the 200 credits back for the player slot if you have more than three players. All equipment owned by the player is sold automatically with a 50% refund of any credits spent on bats. There are currently no credits returned for boosts when you voluntarily retire a player early. After 20 seasons when your player is forced to retire, some percentage of credits will be returned, though we have yet to work out these details.
Can I still see my retired player's stats?
Retired players who have played any games are not deleted and can be found in the player list accessible from the 'Database' menu on the right. Retired players who have not played any games will (though not yet) be permanently deleted along with any associated records.