How does my player level up?
As your player earns experience, you will increase in level. Going from Level 1 to Level 2 takes 1000 experience, from Level 2 to Level 3 takes 1200, etc.
Your player info page will always display how much experience you have, followed by how much you need for your next level.
The actual formula, if you are interested, is Experience for next level = (level * 1000) + ((level - 1)*100*level)
What are the benefits of leveling up?
You gain one additional Specific Skill point to assign, and all of your standard skills go up by 0.50. In addition, your Level has some in-game effects, basically summed up as the "Veteran Effect" ...
How does my player earn experience?
Experience, also called XP, is earned in the following ways:
*Being alive at maintenance: 20 XP + 2 XP per level.

  • Being on the roster for a game: 40 XP for all players, 20 XP bonus for pitchers. (All Star Games don't count but friendlies do)
  • Making the playoffs or winning a playoff series: 100 XP to all players on the team

    The following only applies to regular-season or playoff games:
  • Playing in a game: 6 XP
  • Game participation: Variable, up to 2 XP per inning for position players, up to 2 XP per out recorded for pitchers.