Player BoostingEdit

What is boosting for?
Boosting allows you to give your players a sharp increase in skills at the beginning of each season (or whenever you choose to boost) rather than just waiting for your players to slowly train.

How much can I boost my player each season?
Boosts are limited to 50 increments per season distributed across your skills, with as much as the full 50 applying to any particular skill. Each increment costs 25 credits with a full boost totaling 1250 credits.

Does boosting work the same on a low skill as a high skill?
No. Boosting affects skills based on their value as shown in the following tiers:

  1. 05.00-49.99: One increment results in a 1.00 point increase.
  2. 50.00-74.99: One increment results in a 0.50 point increase.
  3. 75.00-89.99: One increment results in a 0.25 point increase.
  4. 90.00-100.0: One increment results in a 0.10 point increase.

Why are boosts scaled by skill value?
Scaling boosts by skill value helps balance players who boost with players who don't, while still giving an edge to players who do. You can choose to get more value for boost in the later stages of your player's career by improving lower/neglected skills or you can choose to push your key skills even higher to be more competitive.

Won't 50 boost increments per season greatly unbalance boosted players and unboosted players?
No, not really. Fully boosted players will have an edge over unboosted players, statistically speaking, but a player's worth is not linear based on their skills. A player with 20 knowledge is not twice as good as a player with 10 knowledge - just 10 points better in the sim calculations.

Boosting gives your player an initial advantage that is slowly flattened out somewhat by natural training and level increases. This occurs because training is faster at lower skill values. You still end up with an advantage by boosting, but not a game-breaking one.

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