What does everything on the Standings page mean?
For each division in the current league, it lists the 14 teams in their current orders, including the team names, wins, losses, winning percentage, Games Back, current win/loss streak, and recover (W-L) over the past 10 games.
Two or more teams are tied. What are the tiebreakers?
Tiebreakers are Runs Scored, then Runs Allowed. In the event they are still tied, a coin is tossed.
What does Select Season do?
Select Season allows you to view historical records for the league, including the team names as they were at the time.
Who makes the playoffs? Who gets promoted or demoted?
The top 8 teams in each division make the playoffs. Any teams that make it into Round 3 (Division Finals) gets promoted. Any team finishing 13th or 14th in a division gets demoted.
Please note that in Season 1, there were only 3 rounds of playoffs instead of 4. The Season 1 page will appear slightly differently.
How do I read the Playoff Pairings page?
This page is a bracket. Eventually you'll have only two teams on the right, in Round 4, who will play for the Championship. If you click on the status bar for any given series, it will show you the games list.